en-Information on how to use the Brix Model platform. Select parts from any construction set and place them onto the work space. Copy and edit parts to build your model.


Set select: Choose from any of the available construction sets.
Left click part: Select part for placement on work space.
Left click work space: Place part in the work space. Hold Shift for multiple part placement.
Keys:←/→, PgUp/PgDn, ↑/↓ Move selected part/group along X, Y or Z axis. Use Caps-Lock for smooth movement.
B + Keys:←/→, PgUp/PgDn, ↑/↓ Scale selected part/group along X, Y or Z axis. Use Caps-Lock for smooth scaling.
Shift + Keys:↑/↓, PgUp/PgDn, ←/→ Rotate selected part/group around X, Y or Z axis. Use Caps-Lock for smooth rotation.
B + Keys:+/- Resize selected part/group up or down in 3D. Use Caps-Lock for smooth resizing.


Mouse Hover: Target a part or group for editing.
Left Click: Select part or group for editing.
Shift + Left Click: Select multiple parts or special controls for editing.
Esc: Unselect all parts or groups.
Del: Delete all selected parts & groups.
B + A: Select all parts.
B + C: Copy selected part(s) or group.
B + G: Groups all selected parts into a single group.
B + R: Return selected part to original size and rotation.
B + U: Ungroup selected group.
B + O: Set Orbit centre to another part.
B + L: Toggle lock status of selected parts/groups to prevent accidental moves.
Left double click, Right double click: Hold X, Y or Z to rotate part 90° clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Ctrl + Z: Undo last move, rotation or deletion.


Left click mouse and drag work surface: Rotate viewing position up, down and around.
Right click mouse and drag work surface: Pan left, right, in and out.
Mouse scroll wheel: Zoom in and out.
Left Arrow: Move viewing position to the left. Model appears to move right.
Right Arrow: Move viewing position to the right. Model appears to move left.
Up Arrow: Move viewing position forward. Model comes towards you.
Down Arrow: Move viewing position backward. Model recedes.


B + Shift + H: Set 'Home' position and rotation for all parts.
B + H: Return all parts to their 'Home' position & rotation.
B + M: Mix and rotate all parts in 3D.
B + J: Jumble all parts in 3D.
B + F: Fan all parts out across table in 2D.


B + N: Start New model.
Shift + Del: Move model to TRASH folder.
B + E: Empty TRASH folder.
B + P: Toggle Protected status of model to prevent saves.

Touch Controls

Select Main, Position, Rotation or Scale touch panels.
Set Shift to select multiple parts by touch.
⬩ ❖ Ungroup or group selected parts.
Return all parts to their Home position & rotation. Enable Shift to set Home position & rotation for all parts.
Copy selected parts or groups.
⇧⇩⇦⇨⬀⬃ Adjust Rotation, Position, Scale in 3D.
Toggle Lock status of part/group to prevent accidental moves.
↻↺ Rotate selected part clockwise or counter-clockwise around y axis.
⇱ ⇲ Adjust scale in all 3 directions.

Orientation: X axis:left/right, Y axis:up/down, Z axis:front/rear.

Spin Animation: Specify the 'RPM' for any axis.

Rotate Animation: Rotate part back and forth by specifying the 'RPM' and 'Travel' angle for any axis.

Travel Animation: Move part back and forth along any axis by specifying a 'Travel' distance and 'Speed'.

Orbit Animation: Specify ellipse 'R1', 'R2', Period, Angle of orbit plane X/Y/Z, Orbit center position X/Y/Z.

Run: Use 'R' key or 'Run' button to start/stop animations.

Adjustments: Rotate the viewing position to move parts in tight locations. Alternatively, set the position property in the 'Part Properties' area.

Groups: When a group is created, the first part selected will indicate the position of the group. The group assumes the properties of the first part added to the group. This means that the group location, position and animation is based on the first part in the group.

Images: Add images to parts from the 'Shapes' set. Adjust aspect ratio of Shape or Image as required. Images can also be added to the Horizon or Surface.