Brix Model Terms of Service

Update: 13 March 2023

The Terms of Service outlined here will govern acceptable use of the Brix Model website. It will also establish the terms under which users agree to use the service. Use of the Brix Model website will indicate the users' acceptance of these terms of service. These Terms of service will also govern users that have used the service in the past and their paid subscription period has now expired. The Terms of Service apply to guests of the site who are using free features, registered users who are using free services as well as paid subscribers. The Terms of Service outlined here may be updated from time to time. Brix Model reserves the right to revise these Terms of Service at any time. The Terms of Service are available for online review by guests, registered non-subscribers and registered subscribers. Users who do not agree to these Terms of Service are free to cancel their subscription at any time.


Brix Model

Service Termination:

Brix Model reserves the right to terminate the service at any time and without notice. If Brix Model terminates the service by withdrawing the offering, users will be refunded the prorated value of any remaining active subscription. The subscription charge is for use of the online Brix Model platform during the paid subscription period. The subscription fee does not included any lasting benefit beyond the paid subscription period. Access to any content created will be lost should the Brix Model platform be closed down. Brix Model reserves the right to close the Brix Model platform at any time and for any reason. All content created on the Brix Model website remains the property of Brix Model and users have no claim to this content beyond use of the content on the Brix Model website during their paid subscription period.


Users agree not to create or upload any content that violates local laws or exceeds social norms. This includes but is not limited to content that degrades others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual preference, orientation or identity, disability, or other classification; Users must not create, post or upload any content that is offensive, promotes hate, racism or discrimination of any kind. Users must not create, post or upload any pornographic content. Violation of these terms of conduct will result in cancellation of the users account.

Blocked Accounts:

Brix Model will enforce appropriate behavior by moderating content created and uploaded to the service. This means that Brix Model will at it's sole discretion examine content to ensure these terms of service and other community standards are being followed. Any user account found to be in violation of these term of service will be canceled. This may or may not include forewarning. User accounts canceled, for violation of the terms of service, will have their active subscription canceled and will not receive any refund for any remaining paid subscription period. For any user account, closed for violating the terms of service, access to all content created or uploaded to the Brix Model platform will be permanently lost. Users agree not to create or upload any content that violates the terms of service. Users agree to respect other users on the Brix Model platform and to not engage in any activity that will hamper or degrade other users' experience. This includes any malicious activity such a hacking, denial of service attack, use of computer software tools to gain access, damage the site or other users' accounts.

Model Publishing:

Users can choose to share the content they create with other people by using features such a Model Share, or Generating unique URLs for web linking to models of their choosing. Brix Model will not share any model content without the expressed consent of the user. Users understand that when they share a model with another person that person may re-share the model. As such, use of the sharing features will be considered as expressed consent to make those models public. Brix Model cannot guarantee that user created content will not fall into the public domain. This can happen by inadvertent user action, hacking, malicious activity against the site, software malfunction or bugs. For this reason the platform should not be considered secure and users agree to not put any sensitive content on the Brix Model site. Users also agree to hold Brix Model harmless in any such event.


Subscriptions are required to use some features of the Brix Model website. Registered users can purchase a subscription in the Profile area. Upon selecting a subscription type, users are taken to PayPal's website to complete the subscription purchase. All subscriptions are managed by PayPal. Brix Model does not collect any billing information. Users who wish to cancel, update or otherwise manage their subscription will need to log into their PayPal account. Brix Model reserves the right to offer enhanced features that are not included in a basic subscription. Users will loose access to created content if their subscription is canceled, expires, or runs out. When an active subscription period ends, users will have 90 days to reactivate a subscription to gain full access to their account. Brix Model reserves the right to charge a reactivation fee when a subscription has lapsed for more than 90 days.

Dormant Accounts:

Accounts that have been inactive for more than 1 year will become dormant. Brix Model reserves the right to charge a fee to reactivate dormant accounts. Accounts that have an active paid subscription will not become dormant regardless of activity.


The Brix Model web content is © Brix Model 2023 All Rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication or reproduction is strictly prohibited. Users agree not to infringe on the copyright holders of other entities by creating or publishing content for which they do not have copyrights. If any entity believes that the Brix Model website is hosting content for which the registered user does not have copyright, they can contact Brix Model to have the content reviewed.


Content created by guests, registered users and regular subscribers may be branded with the Brix Model logo and brand information. This includes models viewed on the Brix Model website as well as published content such as images and videos. Users who require a branding free situation can purchase a Business subscription. Business subscriptions qualify to have all Brix Model branding removed from all created and published content.

Service Interruptions:

Service on the site may experience interruptions, delays or down time due to various reasons. Brix Model will take effort to respond to any service interruptions in order to reduce the impact on the users. Brix Model will not reimburse users for normal service degradation or outages that may occur periodically. These service interruptions could be due to, but not limited to the following:
While BrixModel will attempt to keep users content secure, there is no guarantee whatsoever that content will not be lost by technical failure, employee error, hacking or malicious activity.
The 'Protect' feature provides some protection from published models being copied. This protection is not absolute and could be compromised by hackers or other malicious users. There is no guarantee of any kind implied that models cannot be copied by other people.

Feature Changes:

Brix Model may change the functionality of the website and individual features at anytime. This is to add new features, improve performance and fix bugs. It is possible that some feature changes can affect the operation of user's existing content. Users understand and agree that from time to time feature changes may impact saved content to the extent that it will no longer operate as expected. In this situation users may need to change, fix or delete content that is no longer operational.

Storage Limitations:

Brix Model may allow users to upload images and data for the purpose of building custom models. Storage is limited to a maximum of 10MB per user for a regular subscription and 25MB for a business subscription. The storage is to be used only for storing images and data that is intended to be incorporated into 3D models. Use of the space for generalized storage or file backup is forbidden. The storage and file size restrictions may be modified at any time without notice.
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